Fire risks

Fire! No entrepreneur wants to associate this word with his business. Still, it is statistically probable that a fire will occur in your own company. Consequence of such dramatic event is a major damage of company's property and also business interruption cannot be avoided.

The consequences of this scenario are usually substantial financial losses, breaches of contract or delivery bottlenecks. Of course, it also has an influence on the profitability of the company. However, it is first and most important to assess the general risk of a fire in your own company and based on that define further measures to reduce the probability and extent of a fire.

Based on individually tailored protection measures, such as a new sprinkler system, new risk assessments can be done and insurance premiums can be negotiated - this is what we call Versicherungsengineering®.


What is meant by "measures and assessment"

We assess your company in respect of fire risk probability and extend based on scientific evaluated statistical data. We use this evaluated data to define how often, in a statistical average value, can fire occur in comparation to the similar production.

For that matter, we use a special statistical software that allows us to map probabilities and the expected extent of damage. Based on these results, target-oriented protection measures are designed in a cost-effective manner and with your interests in mind.

These protection measures are coordinated with the responsible authorities and the insurer and give optimally tailored protection on one side and on the other side satisfied partnership and flexibility on the insurance market.

Many years of experience in fire protection

Through our years of expertise in the field of fire protection, sprinkler systems and firefighting we can accompany you in the areas of "planning" - "execution" - "permitting" and "approval" and offer a unique package that is primary oriented to your needs.

This comprehensive service enables us to combine the economical and technical requirements into one overall concept. This way, communication way and timing are additionally optimised.

Coordination with insurance companies

Sometimes, insurance premiums are calculated based on inadequate assessments done by insurance companies regarding fire protection, but do not fit to the existing fire protection concept and are based partially on a very superficial documentation.

The Fire Hazards division of Versicherungsengineering® closes this gap and provide perfect documentation of the "existing situation", possible improvements and developments within the company and communicates this concept to the insurer.

This provides a clear protection concept which is a basis for reassessing the insurance premiums. In most cases, this will result in significant optimisation of insurance coverage and savings in insurance premiums.


No pig in a poke

Often new protection concepts in connection with fire fighting are associated with high initial costs, which can very much vary depending on the type of business.

Regarding our experience, we can offer you protection concepts that are based exactly on your economic situation.
In addition to the concept design, we also gather offers from different producers and create price level that makes the investments economically suitable for you.

As a completion of our services, we supervise the entire implementation process and give you the possibility for regular monitoring from our experts.

Our wish is that “the case of an emergency” never happens, but you should be well prepared for such a scenario based on your own economical interest.

We can help you with that!




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About risk on mind®

We see our company as a link between industrial and insurance companies, leading to economic cooperation. The team of risk on mind® creates new thinking possibilities and solutions to meet the needs of industry insurances without driving the industry company in an economic downturn. More than 25 years of experience in the insurance, fire protection and IT industries are counterbalanced by a completely new approach that will break new ground in the insurance industry.


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