Natural hazards

Floods, avalanches, landslides, hail or storms are among the most common causes of natural hazards in Austria.

When it comes to natural hazards, it is to be expected that the flow of operations will be significantly interrupted over a longer period. However, natural hazards are usually statistically calculable and can be evaluated using algorithms.

Such calculations are included in our services - Versicherungsengineering®. We compare topographical features, past natural hazards, existing civil protection (eg torrent control) and environmental influences to generate a risk assessment for your business.

The reasons for following this procedure are existing or renegotiated insurance contracts that must be adjusted due to changed circumstances (eg new avalanche protection was established). Versicherungsengineering® gives you the right basic for cost-effective and successful negotiations with insurers.

Before construction is better…

If a new premise or a new facility is designed and planned, you should consider some aspects of "natural hazards" in the planning phase. Structural measures can mitigate flood risks or other natural hazards. Since these measures can already be considered in the planning phase, costs can be actively saved and the risk of business interruption minimised.


How fast can it hit me?

Versicherungsengineering® can provide precise conclusion based on scientific studies and evaluations. Topographical features, structural protection measures and natural catastrophes that have already occurred in the past, give appropriate risk probability.

Exactly with this accurately calculated risk score the insurance cover can be adjusted to the specific need. In comparation to the assessment of insurance companies, Versicherungsengineering®-measures are defined by using of special, comprehensive analysis tools.

With these tools also current protection measures, such as new torrent barriers, can be considered immediately and not after the years. This way our analyses and assessments always provide you with latest data and can be used as a basis for the risk assessment.


How can I protect myself?

It is precisely this question that concerns many companies whose operations are in a vulnerable zone and therefore have a higher risk. No matter what the circumstances, this zone is permanently created.

If you are not sure whether your operation is suddenly in a danger zone due to changes in the environment topography or other circumstances, then it is advisable to have it checked immediately! Note that the commonly used maps are not updated interactively!

In the scope of Versicherungsengineering®, we help to define measures that stand in an economical consensus to the occurred costs and possibly prevent the risk of business interruption. For this purpose, we prepare catalog of measures which shows all possibilities and evaluates reduced risk. Of course, we accompany you from the planning of the measures through their implementation.

We help you with the implementation.

If you are already in the process of implementation of protection measures against natural hazards and need specialist expertise, Versicherungsengineering® can assist with an advice and support in order to correctly represent the most important key points and documentation for the respective insurance.

We accompany you throughout the entire period of implementation including the assistance regarding possible savings based on the measures taken. In this context, we offer you a comprehensive service package, which is focused explicitly on the correct documentation and assessment of your current situation.


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About risk on mind®

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